Rehabilitation of Project Affected Persons

Any large infrastructure project is expected to displace or affect in other ways people within its alignment. KMRCL has factored in this possibility from the stage of planning. IT has not only provided for resettlement of people affected by the project but has also aimed to improve their condition. A few of the resettlement activities are:

  • A modern five storey building has been constructed at 10 Lu Shun Sarani for accommodating tenants occupying shops in the Central station area.
  • An entire indoor stadium was relocated in the Subhash Sarovar area.
  • One hundred and twenty – nine (129) shops in the well-known Sree Market have been relocated after construction of temporary shops close by to facilitate construction of the Howrah Maidan Station.
  • A set of 56 pucca quarters have been built close to Subhash Sarovar area to Provide Accommodation to KMC staff living in Swabhumi.

The Promised of Green

One of the prime concerns of the project has been to restore road and greenery after construction is completed. About 800 trees have been uprooted so far for the construction, and they have been replaced through planting 4200 saplings. Walkways have been reconstructed as soon as possible. To minimize disruption of traffic as also inconvenience to pedestrians, construction has been largely carried out along the median of existing roads as far as possible.

The depot and the operational control centre being constructed at Salt Lake Central Park will be a state-of-the-art green facility which will have a minimum of silver rating under Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).

On a Closing Note

With technological expertise and equipment harnessed from across the world, the East – West Metro will be a project Kolkata will be proud to call its own. KMRCL looks at the East – West Metro Corridor project with hope, fulfillment, anticipation and an overpowering sense of responsibility to deliver. The dreams and demands of citizens of Kolkata are uppermost in our minds. We know that the journey is challenging and we also know we have promises to fulfill…to the citizens of Kolkata. Your unwavering support is our companion in this journey.