1.Gauge(nominal): 1435 mm
2.Route Length:
  • Underground : 8.90 Km
  • Elevated : 5.77 Km
  • Total : 14.67 Km
  • Underground : 6 Nos.
  • Elevated : 6 Nos.
  • Total : 12 Nos.
  • Stations and trains air conditioned, tunnel naturally ventilated with fans in emergencies
4.Train Operation:
  2014 2021
Designed PHPDT 22770 25201
Designed Train headway 2.0 minutes 2.0 minutes
Operational Head way 3 minutes 2.5 minutes
Train Composition 6 Cars 6 Cars
Coaches required 66 84
5.Designed speed: 80kmph
6.Transaction Power System:
  • a)Traction system voltage : 750 V dc
  • b) Current Collection : Third Rail
  • c) SUB station : 2nos (Strand road, Bengal chemicals)
7.Rolling Stock:

a) 2.88 m wide with stainless steel body 
b) Axle load 16 ton 
c) Seating arrangement- longitudinal 
d) Capacity of 6 car unit 1626 passengers 
e) class of accommodation- one

8.Signaling, Telecommunication & Train Control:

a)Type of signaling:cab signaling and continuous automatic train control with Automatic Train Protection (ATP) 
b)Type of signaling:(i) Integrated System with Fibre Optic cable, SCADA, Train Radio, PA system etc. 
(ii)Train information system ,control telephones and centralized clock system

9.Fare collection: Automatic fare collection system with TOM, SMART CARD etc.
10.Construction Methodology: 

Underground : Entire alignment tunneling through TBM, all stations by cut and covers. 
Elevated viaduct consisting prestressed concrete 'U'-shaped/Box Girder on Single pier with pile/ Open foundations